Asus Transformer Prime available for pre-order at Best Buy now

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The next most powerful Android device on earth is now available for pre-order from Best Buy, that being the Asus Transformer Prime, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor toting 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet. This device is available for pre order in two forms: one with a gray back, the other with a champagne back. Both models have 32GB of data storage built-in with a microSD card slot to expand by an additional 32GB if you wish. They've also got the official champagne-colored keyboard dock and a mystery portable dock which we must assume is the gray-colored keyboard dock, both up for $149.99 and at pre-order status as well.

We've had a pretty decent introduction to this device (and its dock) just this past month at NVIDIA and Asus combined forces for a double-down on launching. This is the first place that NVIDIA will be delivering its quad-core mobile processor that up until recently was code-named Project Kal-El (aka Superman). What we've got here now is the Tegra 3 quad-core processor which you can learn all about in the post about how it's actually got a fifth core, not just four, and the other article all about Variable SMP, the brain of quad-core mobile computing. Both of these posts should sufficiently break down the ins and outs of the processor for you to have an awesome time full of understanding while you rock the Glowball.

Those of you that plan on purchasing this tablet should know that it's the next generation of Asus' look at Android, the first coming in the form of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer (without the Prime), a device that plays host to the current dual-core processor NVIDIA has in many Androids: the Tegra 2. You can take a look at our review of the original Eee Pad Transformer tablet from earlier this year. Asus will continue to promote both tablets, but will market the Prime as a premium device while the original will be more of an every-person device with a bit lower cost than this newest addition to the family.

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