ASUS Docking Tablet/phone Combo And 3D Slate Tipped For Computex

ASUS continues its pre-Computex teaser campaign, with signs of what could be two new and reasonably different tablets. As well as the new super-skinny Eee PC, there's the promise of "a tablet that jumps out at you" and the cryptic "pad or phone." The former may well be an indication of a 3D tablet, while the latter suggests a hybrid device with a phone that docks into a larger screen section.

That idea is reinforced by a sneaky preview of the final piece of ASUS' teaser puzzle, spotted by an Engadget reader (and in the gallery below), which adds the tagline "Why not both" and a murky picture of what looks like two companion devices. One appears to be a small, touchscreen phone, sitting on top of a larger slate.

It could well be another sighting of the tablet teaser photos ASUS released on Monday, which seemed to show a slate which had a separate docking section. The company may well be following a similar train of thought to Motorola with the ATRIX, though it's unclear whether the tablet section would have a brain of its own – relying on the phone for 3G connectivity, perhaps – or be solely reliant on the handset's processor.