ASUS tablet tease tips new slate for Computex 2011

ASUS' last tablet teaser led to a mighty promising slate – the Eee Pad Transformer, in fact – so when the company previews its Computex line-up we stop and pay attention. The unnamed device is branded with the ASUSDesign studio name, and it looks like a lot more thought went into the styling compared to the somewhat blockish Transformer.

There are some interesting stacked sections and what could be bevelled glass, plus at least one camera – which looks like it could be on the back, inset into a glossy black plastic section – and speakers. Hardware specs are a mystery right now, but given the state of the Android tablet market – not that it's even confirmed that this particular model runs the Google OS – we're guessing at Tegra 2 again.

The success of the Transformer was a combination of its solid hardware, innovative battery-toting keyboard dock and relatively bargain price-tag in comparison to other Android Honeycomb slates out there. The downside has been retail scarcity, with ASUS unable to produce enough of the Transformers to meet customer demand.

[via NotebookItalia]