Asus to debut new thin and sexy Eee at Computex

Asus was one of the big brands behind the netbook craze that swept the world starting a few years back. The small little netbooks were underpowered when compared to the notebooks on the market, but the low prices and portability made them very appealing to a number of buyers. Netbooks sold in droves to users that wanted portability and basic computing needs in a cheap package. Those netbooks, like the early Eee models, were rather chunky looking though.

At Computex Asus will be rolling out its next generation of Eee PC and the machine Asus is teasing us with looks little like those old netbooks we are all familiar with. The new Eee has a very thin looking design and has a tapering profile that is thinner at the track pad area than it is up top. We really have nothing other than the single teaser image above to go on with this machine.

What will be under the hood is anyone's guess. It wouldn't be hard to imagine another Intel Atom powered the machine. I could also see some versions landing with the AMD Fusion APUs inside. Notebooks and netbooks aren't all Asus will have at Computex. The company is also teasing a new tablet with the line "pad or phone?" Computex kicks off on May 30 in Taipei so we will know in a few weeks time what the sexy looking new Eee has under the hood.

[via Notebookitalia]