ASUS confirms Google and Windows Eee Pad tablets for 2010

ASUS have slowly been trickling out details on their upcoming tablet strategy over the past few months, with quietly-debuted hardware at trade shows and talk of at least two models sometime in 2010, and now chairman Jonney Shih has thrown some OS talk into the mixture.  Speaking to Forbes, Shih confirmed that ASUS will be keeping a foot in both Microsoft's and Google's camps, with at least one machine running either Google Chrome OS or Android and another getting Windows, as they prepare to take on Apple's iPad.

"There will be an Apple camp [in tablets], but Asus always tries to address the open camps of Google and Microsoft" Shih explained, going on to confirm that for at least the Android/Chrome OS tablet the priority will be multimedia.  "Content will play a very important role on tablets," Shih said, "the Google tablet will have a lot of media."

ASUS has previously suggested that they see their tablet models on a continuum with ebook readers, such as their DR-570 or the 9-inch DR-900.  "There will be many different form factors, depending on different scenarios.  We're interested in making anything that can improve your life experience" Shih claims.  Previous rumors have suggested that the Tegra 2 based Eee Pad (aka "Eee PC Touch Series Tablet") will make its debut at Computex 2010 in June.