ASUS' iPad-rival tablet strategy includes multiple models this year

Back when ASUS CEO Jonney Shih told us to expect a "killer product" from the company this coming June, we assumed it would be the launch of their Tegra 2 based tablet.  Now, it looks like that's not one device but a range of iPad-rivals; according to Eric Chen, corporate VP of the ASUS systems business group, the company "will have similar products. We have a couple of projects under way."

Chen pointed to the fact that some have described the iPad as nothing more than "one big screen iPhone", and suggested that "this is something we can improve [on]."  While he declined to go into details regarding exactly what ASUS had in mind, he did confirm that they're looking to target different segments with different devices, rather than Apple's one-model strategy.

As for timing, we can certainly expect ASUS' entrance to the slate market to take place before 2010 is out.  "It should be this year, that makes sense ... Over a year and people forget" suggested Chen.