Apple's next big thing is in the mind

Apple is ramping up to a revolution in the way you live your life. Right now the most ironic paradox in most people's lives is the complete lack of motivation they feel for keeping their body healthy. I know I feel that way – it seems like a lot of work. I've got a hard enough time trying to act on things I know are right, I've got ADHD, now you want me to remember that going for a bike ride makes me feel good the rest of the day? Madness!

An Experience: Apple Watch

What's this got to do with Apple? They've got the right formula for success when it comes to selling products and ideas to the public. When Apple presents a product, they present an experience that people buy in their mind before they even enter a store. They've done this for the past decade, and they've done very well for themselves as such.

Take for example the Apple Watch. Global smartwatch shipments around the world show three major players, including Fitbit, Samsung, and Apple. In Q2, according to Strategy Analytics, Global smartwatch shipments looked like what follows.

Q2 2019 Global Smartwatch Vendor Shipments:

• Fitbit: 1.2-million units (9.8% of global market)

• Samsung: 2-million units (15.9%)

• Apple: 5.7-million units (46.4%)

Strategy Analytics defines a smartwatch as a "connected wristwatch with a HLOS capable of running third-party apps." (HLOS: High Level Operating System) That'd be pretty much any watch that's unmistakably a smartwatch – the sort that you'd probably not question was a smartwatch were you to see said device on someone's wrist on the street.

Apple Watch itself isn't Apple's next big thing

The device is a prerequisite for the next big thing, of course. The next big thing from Apple is the empowerment of each individual to take hold of their own personal health. But isn't that just what a Fitbit does, you might say? On a very, very basic level, yes.

But Apple isn't just a hardware and software creator, and the brand isn't just another competitor with other device-makers. Over the past decade (and longer) Apple stuck with the singularity mindset. Do one thing, do it well, focus, get rid of the junk.

Because of this, Apple wields a force of will. A force of will for good or ill, and I'm betting you were aware of this force before you read this article. Apple presents an experience that they promise is simple, powerful, and delightful. People want this, and people buy this. This is why Apple Watch sold so well so far.

"The Watch employs Apple's proven formula of marrying a user-friendly device with sticky apps and sold through its popular retail stores at a premium price to an affluent and loyal customer base," said Steven Waltzer, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics.

Do you know an Apple Watch owner? Did they wear a smartwatch before Apple Watch? Did they even wear a watch at all?

It's self-empowerment (through Apple Products)

The next big thing from Apple won't appear with a BANG like the iPhone. It'll move as slowly and sure-footedly as it needs to, given its aim. This is the next-level healthcare intent of the Apple Watch – and whatever other devices Apple decides it needs to make people CARE about themselves.

"We predict future versions of Apple Watch will expand into healthcare and become a nurse or doctor on your wrist," said Waltzer. "It is clear that personalized health and fitness are killer apps for wristworn wearables."

Look at our Apple Watch ECG first-look and see what even this simple experience could do already back in December of 2018. And remember this article when you're all super healthy and happy and stuff in a half-decade from now when Apple's convinced consumers that taking care of one's own body is simple, powerful, and delightful. Remember this!

Apple's next big thing is in the mind. In your mind, through inception, gradually manifesting itself over a number of years. Until users wake up one day and realize that your goal for the day isn't just to grow their following with social media time and click all the likes, it's to like themselves because they've invested in their own wellbeing... courtesy of Apple Products, more than likely.

Unless some other company spots the trend and gets there first? We shall see!