Apple’s new MacBook first to snag USB-C

Chris Davies - Mar 9, 2015, 12:58 pm CDT
Apple’s new MacBook first to snag USB-C

Apple’s new super-slim MacBook has become the first notebook to use USB-C, doing away with all but a single port in the name of portability. Rather than having separate ports for power, data, and display, USB-C in fact condenses them all into one. The new connector is reversible, too, just as Apple did with Lightning on the iPhone.

A single port will handle not only power, but VGA and HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB data. Of course, you’ll also need a set of adapters in order to break those out.

Apple won’t be the only company to use USB-C, though, and that’s just how we like it. After all, more companies with the connector on their computers means more encouragement to accessory developers to support the new standard.

However, as Phil Schiller pointed out, if you want USB-C now, there’s only one place to get it.

“You’re going to see it appear on more products,” he said of the port, “but you’ll see it first on the new MacBook.”

USB-C can theoretically support up to 4K resolution or even higher, as well as up to 100W of power. Apple is yet to say exactly which set of the standard’s features will be supported on the new MacBook.

It’s not the only new feature Apple’s MacBook has added. The company has brought its touch force recognition to the notebook’s trackpad.

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