New MacBook has "Force Touch" trackpad

This isn't a Star Wars tie-in, and you don't have to be a Jedi to use the new MacBook for 2015. This is a new trackpad in the new MacBook, made to be what Apple's Phil Schiller suggests is an "incredible feat of engineering." Four individual force sensors exist under the pad, with a glass surface up top. Instead of "clicking," you'll be doing a sort of "push" more akin to what you do on a touchscreen – but don't call it a tap.

This "click feel" system is managed by the MacBook's software. The force sensors allow you to work with a range of pressures. Apple brings a new system which replaces the old right-click.

Pressing harder on the pad while you're playing a video in QuickTime results in a fast-forwarding video. Strange!

Force-clicking a word in a browser will allow you to get a Wikipedia look-up. Force-click in an email with an address inside and you'll see a map with the location.

Force click on a date/time and you'll get a new calendar entry. Force click a piece of content on your desktop and you'll see a preview.

Pressure recognition will allow you to do signatures far more accurately than before – that might mean more artwork abilities from the trackpad as well. We shall see!

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