App Store for Apple Watch: browse all 3,000 apps now

It's time to have a peek at exactly how many apps are being released to the Apple Watch at "launch" this week with the new App Store for Apple Watch. What is an "App Store for Apple Watch", you might ask? It's basically a category within the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. You can also access this category for the Apple Watch specifically through iTunes on your desktop computer. This "Apps for Apple Watch" section has not yet been released in its entirety to the full Apple software system.

While you're going to need to head to iTunes on your desktop computer or to the app store on your iPhone or iPad to see all the details in every app, here we've got some lovely shots of about 500 of the 3,000+ apps you'll find in the set.

This is just the beginning. Imagine how awesome it's going to be when these developers decide to bring their apps to Android Wear a few weeks down the line.

Again, this is NOT the entire collection, it's just a choice collection – about 500 of the full 3,000 apps on the market thus far. You can see an additional sampling by searching for "Apple Watch" in the App Store, then clicking "Apps for Apple Watch" therein.

For those of you wondering whether or not these apps should influence your decision to purchase an Apple Watch, have a peek at two columns if you please. The first is by Don Reisinger, and it's called Why I'm Breaking Down and Buying an Apple Watch.

The second of two "buy or no buy" columns is by yours truly, Chris Burns, and goes by the name Why I Do Not Plan on Buying An Apple Watch. See what you feel.