Apple TV 5th-gen tipped to enter production in early 2016

It's well-known that Apple isn't known to waste time when it comes to moving ahead on production of forthcoming devices, even when a brand-new model was just introduced to consumers. Case in point: the new, fourth-generation Apple TV was just released in October, following three years without an update, but now Apple is prepping to begin production of a fifth-gen model in early 2016. This comes a day after the news that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting a new 4-inch iPhone model to debut in the same time period.

The rumors of a refreshed Apple TV are said to originate from Taiwan-based supply chain makers, reports DigiTimes, who add that a limited trial production could begin this month. It is believed that the fifth-gen Apple TV will feature a faster CPU to "drastically improve the hardware performance," as well as "add new functions."

While the current fourth-gen Apple TV already has a large heat sink, DigiTimes notes that the use of a faster CPU will have Apple implementing a new "heat-dissipation solution." It's worth mentioning at this point that DigiTimes has a fairly mixed track record when it comes to Apple product predictions and rumors, and the website fails to mention what "new functions" another Apple TV model could introduce.

However, should mass production start in early 2016, it would put the Apple TV on time for a release in mid to late 2016. There's also the chance that a refreshed streaming box could be released alongside Apple's long-rumored subscription television service, which was expected to be announced this year.

VIA MacRumors

SOURCE DigiTimes