Apple Thunderbolt promises 10GBs claims alleged Apple MacBook Pro leak

Chris Davies - Feb 24, 2011
Apple Thunderbolt promises 10GBs claims alleged Apple MacBook Pro leak

We’re counting down the hours until Apple announces the new MacBook Pro range sometime later on today – at time of writing the store is still up, which suggests there may still be some time to go – but another shot of the new notebooks’ packaging with some Apple Thunderbolt tidbits has leaked. Theo Levy managed to snap what looks like another section of Apple’s online promotional material, seemingly from the same source as the side-profile MacBook Pro 15 leak yesterday, seemingly confirming the sort of speeds users can expect.

“A new type of I/O that transfers data at up to 10 GBs per second” the Apple copy supposedly reads, “Every new MacBook Pro ships with Thunderbolt so your [sic] ready to go, out of the box.” The spelling error does give us pause, however – all this would be mighty easy to fake, after all – though it does fit in with what we know of the technical capabilities of Light Peak.

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We’ll know for sure later on today, and of course Thunderbolt isn’t the only beneficial change to expect. Sandy Bridge processors from Intel’s 2011 Core range are expected across the board, while Apple is also believed to have changed from NVIDIA’s GPUs to AMD’s Radeon HD line-up.

Update: It’s also been mentioned that the “10 GBs” should read “10 Gbps” – quite a considerable speed difference and not the sort of mistake we’d expect from Apple. This is looking all the more fake, though from everything we’ve heard it’s based on legitimate speculation.

[Thanks Theo!]

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