Apple resellers reportedly making display room for new iPad

Eric Abent - Aug 21, 2012
Apple resellers reportedly making display room for new iPad

Hot on the heels of a rumor that has Verizon restricting September vacation time in anticipation of a new Apple launch, we have yet another rumor relating to the expected reveal. According to sources speaking to MacRumors, Apple resellers in Europe are being asked to increase the display space devoted to the iPad in their stores. If that doesn’t shout “incoming iPad announcement” to you, then maybe this might: at least one of the sources MacRumors spoke to claims that Apple has given resellers a deadline of September 12 to increase their iPad display space.

September 12, as many of you already know, is the date that Apple is expected to hold an event and announce the new iPhone. Though the new iPhone has taken a considerable amount of the attention for itself, some are also thinking that Apple will reveal an “iPad Mini” during this event. We’ve seen quite a few leaks reportedly showing parts of this new iPad Mini, but so far, Apple has kept its lips shut about such a device.

One of the sources claims that Apple has asked for resellers to triple the amount of space reserved for iPad displays, while others say Mac Pro and Mac Mini displays are the first on the chopping block in order to accommodate this shift. Since originally printing the rumor, MacRumors has updated saying that this shift in display space has come from the fact that Apple resellers have devoted only a small amount of space to the iPad when it’s one of Apple’s biggest sellers.

That update might have just solved the mystery, but that quoted September 12 deadline is still pretty suspicious. It seems that Apple may be expecting a rush for the iPad after September 12 is in the books, but the question is why? It sounds like we’re going to have wait until at least September 12 to find out. Stay tuned.

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