Apple recruiting iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist

Oh, the irony; the day before iTunes users reported evidence of fraudulent account use, Apple advertised for an "iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist".  The new position requires an experienced security professional who would be able to identify the various methods and patterns involved in fraudulent use, building cases for law enforcement and acting as a point of reference for external organisations.

Apple has since confirmed the iTunes scam and ejected the developer believed to be responsible for the unauthorised App Store purchases.  However they're also leaving the matter of refunds up to affected users' banks.  According to Clayton Morris, around 400 iTunes accounts were compromised.

Late last week Apple was spotted recruiting new antenna engineers for their iPad and iPhone teams, a move which was understandably seen as connected to the recent spate of iPhone 4 criticism.  Meanwhile the company has promised a firmware fix for the smartphone which, they claim, will address the coverage issue.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]