Apple not allowed to keep survey secrets in Samsung case

As the Apple vs Samsung case continues to rage on, this Friday's proceedings have begun with a ruling on Apple's ability to keep secret their customer surveys galore. It may seem like a strange situation that Apple would have to reveal what their surveyed customers have said about the iPhone and iPad while at the same time Samsung is being denied usage of evidence in spades, but such is this case's rather intricate set of rulings before the jury even sees the case in action. Additionally this morning's proceedings have been preceded by a ruling that Apple's request for sanctions against Samsung will be denied.

This second bit of business about sanctions has to do with Apple seeking to punish Samsung, so to speak, for releasing information that Apple and Judge Koh understood to be inadmissible in the case. Samsung maintains that the information presented before the trial, (and subsequently shared with the press), is still not a part of the trial as the jury has not seen it. The ruling this morning, though, includes a push for a poll of jurors to see if they have heard anything regarding the situation before the trial can proceed.

Apple also requested that the pre-trial session happening this morning be sealed, but this request was also denied. The jury will step in some time early today as or right after they've been polled on the situation above, but this morning is full up with procedural issues. Press such as Ina Fried from AllThingsD are sitting in on the trial and are providing information from right on site.

Early today we'll be seeing Apple's Phil Shiller take the stand for testimony as the trial continues. Have a peek at the timeline below to follow each of the more important points as they've broken over the past week in this massively important trial for two of the most gigantic hardware manufacturers on earth in the mobile realm – and stick around's main news feed for up-to-the-minute bits as well!