Apple Music web player finally moves out of beta

There's no denying that Apple Music was late to the music streaming party, and ever since it launched in 2015, it's been playing catch up to its competitors. Chief among those competitors it's trying to catch up to – and potentially overtake – is Spotify, so over the past five years, Apple Music has been building out its feature set to better compete. Today, the service got a key feature that it's been missing since launch: A web player.

Granted, this isn't the first we've seen of Apple Music's web player, as it's been in beta since September of last year. Today, however, it exited beta and is now available for everyone to use, so if you're on Windows and would like to avoid using iTunes as much as possible, it might be worth bookmarking the Apple Music website and listening through there.

The web player is available on and should work more or less like the Apple Music app on various platforms. You'll be able to browse music, add music to your library, see recommended music, create playlists, and of course, listen to music right there in your browser.

It's been a fairly silent 2020 for Apple Music so far. In fact, since the beta for this web player dropped in September, we haven't seen much in the way of new features for Apple's service, save for a significant update to Apple Music's Android app.

Despite that, Apple has been giving Spotify a run for its money. Though Spotify's subscriber count still largely outpaces Apple Music's on global scale, here in the US, Apple Music is putting up quite a fight, even moving ahead of Spotify in terms of total US subscribers last year.