Apple "massive" iPod camera order tipped; new 5G nano case emerges

Apple have reportedly ordered a "massive number" of camera modules, similar to those found in the iPhone, which will likely find their way into the iPod touch and nano.  According to TechCrunch's sources in Asia, the size of the order – each camera costs roughly $10 – suggests that not only will the iPod touch get photography abilities (as suggested by the iPod touch 3G case on Friday) but that in fact every model bar the iPod shuffle will include one.

Meanwhile a second image of an iPod case with camera cut-out, this time supposedly for the iPod nano, has emerged.  Up for sale on DealExtreme, the case shows a camera opening in the lower corner of the fifth-gen PMP; that fits in with rumors back in May.

TechCrunch do not yet have details on the resolution of the camera sensors ordered, but back in April they were said to have ordered both 3.2-megapixel and 5-megapixel modules.  Including one in the iPod touch – which shares its software with the video-capable iPhone – certainly makes sense, while adding camera functionality to the nano would differentiate it from the ever-growing ranks of low-cost rivals.

[thanks Matthew!]