Apple MacBook 'Brick' Rumors Abound: Windows Smasher Or Wireless Hub?

Speculation and rumor about the upcoming MacBook refresh continues to flourish, as a 9 to 5 Mac tipster delivers a cryptic tidbit that the supposed October 14th event will be "all about the Brick".  As with the best Apple rumors, however, there's no further detail than that, which leaves the theorists doing what they love the most: trying to decipher what Steve Jobs & Co have planned.  The suggestions have ranged from the obvious – some sort of power supply modification, possibly including an optical drive and networking – to the metaphorical.

Computerworld's Seth Weintraub suggests a wireless hub, similar to that offered by Belkin, which could include anything from an optical drive and wireless/wired networking through to wireless HDMI.  Meanwhile Macenstein believe they've got the whole thing figured out as a literal metaphor: it's Apple's brick to smash through Windows.  They're predicting a $649 MacBook, which would bring a tempting OS X alternative to the rank & file of Vista notebooks.

Apple still, of course, are yet to confirm or deny anything about the rumored event in October.  What do you think the Cupertino company has up its proverbial sleeves for the MacBook?  Let us know in the comments.