Belkin FlyWire wireless HD 1080p/24 interface

Chris Davies - Jul 12, 2008

Wireless streamers capable of handling high-definition video aren’t new, exactly, but they’re often proprietary systems intended by a manufacturer solely for their own displays.  Belkin are bucking the trend, therefore, with their upcoming FlyWire wireless HD interface.  Capable of transmitting full 1080p/24, it replaces an HDMI cable while still allowing HDCP devices to play properly.

The setup consists of a transmitter and receiver pair, which ship with an IR receiver and blaster for remote control.  480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p/24 True Cinema resolutions are all supported, and it’ll play happily with anything from Blu-ray decks to your PS3.

No word on exact range, although Belkin suggest it’ll reach all over the home.  The price is a little steep, however; the FlyWire is available for pre-order at $999.99, for delivery later in the year.

[via Gadgetell]

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