Apple jabs new Samsung Tab in Germany

It appears that Apple is not satisfied with the changes Samsung has made to its Galaxy Tab line over in Germany this month as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, modified from the 10.1 with no N, still infringes on the iPad's form and purpose – so they say. This same claim for the original Galaxy Tab has already taken hold in some other parts of the world and Apple has indeed succeeding in banning the 10.1 version of Samsung's tablet line for brief periods of time in the past – this time though, it's after Samsung took steps to avoid such a suit specifically. Will the Tab 10.1N, with its front-facing speakers and all, be able to avoid the Apple hammer in Deutschland?

The case is currently set for June 5th of this year, so noted a spokesperson for the higher regional court in Dusseldorf today. This regional court will take into account the changes made to the Samsung Galaxy Tab line in the 10.1N and will go forward with the case past Samsung's appeal this January to dismiss the claims entirely. This case appears to be taking place regardless of what you may have heard of Apple and Samsung sitting down to talk about the whole thing over some drinks earlier this month.

Note also that this device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, is essentially the same unit we saw earlier this month called the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – speakers on the front and all.

We're expecting this battle to continue to be fought for a long, long time. It's not just a matter of professional pride, but of protecting copyright claims as well. Of course there's also a matter of sales – would you try to sue a company if they'd created something just like the product you have that sells millions of units a week? How about if they took that product and pushed one of its components in a different direction than it originally faced? How would you feel if you were Samsung?

[via PC World]