Apple iPhone OS 3.0 LiveBlog today: Mac Tablet as "one last thing"?

The countdown is on and it's just a handful of hours until Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 preview event, which we'll be liveblogging at  We know Apple will be demonstrating some of the upcoming features we can expect from iPhone OS 3.0 – hopefully including MMS and copy-&-paste support – but there's also talk of a "one last thing" that could blow the recent Mac and iPod shuffle updates out of the water: a Mac Tablet.According to Computer World's Seth Weintraub, Apple will possibly use today's event to launch the 10-inch capacitive touchscreen device we've been reading rumors about over the past few weeks.  Contrary to what some believe, though, Weintraub expects not a netbook – with a hardware keyboard and traditional clamshell design – but a slate-format device similar to a larger iPod touch.

Of course, there's no knowing until Apple take to the stage in under six hours time.  SlashGear will be liveblogging ( the whole iPhone OS 3.0 event, so make sure to tune in on March 17 at 10AM Pacific time (1PM Eastern; 5PM London).

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