Apple Event March 27: Here's what we expect

An Apple education event was scheduled for March 27th, 2018, and several news outlets suggest there'll be a new iPad. However, as far as what'll ACTUALLY be there, one needs only look back on a similar event that took place in early January of the year 2012. Back then, we expected Apple might reveal a new iPad, a new MacBook – any sort of new hardware, really. In reality, they showed off some new software for teachers and students.

At the 2012 event, we were shown iBooks 2, a new version of Apple's pathway to textbooks. With that software, users were given the ability to roll with multitouch gestures, 3D models, and new interactive experiences. Apple also revealed iBooks Author, a place where users were invited to make their own digital books.

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At that same event, Apple also made what was a big announcement at the time – a low price for Apple iBooks Textbooks. They'd introduced textbooks for $15, and it was supposed to change the college experience! Sadly, publishers still print massive textbooks, and textbooks still cost absurd amounts of money.

Apple showed off an app called iTunes U, a place where teachers would be able to organize their classroom experience. They'd be able to make checklists! They could send messages to students! They could even give students assignments right through the software!

This new event may well bring in some iPad action, but don't go expecting any revolution in the design of the device. Also, hedge your bets on a "cheaper" iPad for the public. Apple might give some sort of discount to schools, but that's be a shock.

Given Apple's lack of fanfare for the iPad 2017, this year's new devices are likely coming as a sort of tag-along to the event's true headliners. I'm expecting there'll be some sort of hardware announcement with regard to the iPad, but probably no more than two new devices, and maybe just one model at that.

Two models appeared in regulatory listings about a month ago – but these two models could well be Wi-Fi-only and SIM-included mobile data friendly. Don't be surprised if Apple simply expands on how they currently work with schools and how they plan on continuing to work with schools in the near future.

This event was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, March 27th at 10AM Central Time. That's 11AM Eastern Time, 9AM Mountain Time, and 8AM Pacific Time. Don't be late, we'll be covering the whole thing as it happens!