Apple doesn't want a full television set

It's time to get realistic about all the Apple TV rumors – with an Apple TV device that's essentially a box and a controller that hook up to any TV you like, there's no reason for Apple to take any other steps. Today's inside tip comes from the Wall Street Journal where they say Apple is speaking with cable providers to get an in on wired content not provided by iTunes. While it does make sense that they'd head out and make sure they've got all the right connections in the industry before releasing a product, this simply does not fit with Apple's way of doing business.

If you've got a product that's selling moderately well, you don't go out and make a much more risky product that does essentially the same thing as the first. The Apple TV as it exists today is a conduit through which iTunes can function and users can bring the Apple entertainment experience to any display they like. Apple also sells displays .

Apple does not needlessly combine products when they've already got them on the market selling at least moderately well. An Apple Television – that is to say a full television set, not just a box that connects to any large display – would be a product made to be limited.

With iTunes, Apple has been keeping everything in the family for many years – media, operating system, hardware, and even support. Apple even sells products from their own store, which they run. It does not follow that they would meet up with networks in the television industry to grab their service 3rd hand.

Therefor hear this: Apple will not make a television set any time soon. Unless they make the current Apple TV into a magical hot item and top seller – it currently is not – they will not move forward in the television industry. It just doesn't make sense for them to do so.