Whatever Happened to That New Apple TV?

I was using my Apple TV the other day to stream some music to my television and thought about something: prior to the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, rumors suggested that Apple was going to announce a new Apple TV operating system that would support applications and all kinds of other goodies. There was also some speculation that the company might offer up a new Apple TV set-top box that would come with some storage for the apps.

However, amid all of the talk of a new MacBook Pro with a Retina display and discussions on Apple's new mobile and desktop operating systems, the Apple TV was overlooked. And those of us who actually want to run apps on our televisions were left to hope it might happen another day.

There's just one issue: since WWDC, discussions on a new Apple TV have dried up. We haven't heard of any improvements to the device's operating system nor discussions on developers bringing their apps to the device. There hasn't even been a rumor mentioning the possibility of a new Apple set-top box launching sometime soon.

So, what gives? Has Apple's highly touted ability to keep everything secret won yet again? Or is it possible that the rumors were nonsense in the beginning, and those of us who own an Apple TV will never get the update we so deeply desire?

Unfortunately, I'm starting to think that it's the latter. For years now, Apple has called its set-top box a hobby, and although it doesn't like to use that moniker nowadays, the device really is. Like it or not, Apple doesn't really care all that much about the Apple TV, and it has proven to be an afterthought for the company for far too many years.

[aquote]I've decided to ignore all Apple TV rumors[/aquote]

Realizing that, I've decided to ignore all Apple TV rumors that might arise in the next several months. The way I see it, Apple cares most about its iPhone, iPad, and Macs, and the company is more than likely working on a television. To worry about updating a device that comes in at $99 and many consumers don't even know about would be a mistake from a business perspective.

Admittedly, it's not the end of the world for me. As much as I'd like to have an App Store on my Apple TV, I have applications running on my current Samsung HDTVs. At this point, I really only use my Apple TV to watch television shows or movies I download or to stream some of my music. Beyond that, I ignore it.

But that could all change if Apple actually started caring about the Apple TV. And if those rumors could eventually come true, I think there would be millions of the device's owners who would be awfully happy to have that extra functionality.

Don't hold your breath, though. Unfortunately, the Apple TV is slowly but surely meeting its maker. And within the next year or so, it's quite possible it'll be discontinued and throw into the grand junk heap of tech goodies that couldn't hold out for long.