Apple designer Marc Newson: more tech woven into garments soon

Marc Newson just joined Apple last year, but the renowned designer and Jony Ive buddy has a lot of experience and clout in the field. So when he says something is coming, people try to glean something from it for the future. And when he starts talking about how wearables, not just smartwatches, and smart cars will be even more en vogue in the future, some will consider this to be prophetic vision, if not already a hint at the direction that Apple might take in the very near future.

Of course, Apple is already in the wearable and car biz, so there's nothing new in that. But Apple's involvement so far has been limited to smartwatches and in-car infotainment systems. As a designer, and a car lover like Ive, Newson is definitely interested more in that, so much that her believes that the future of tech will actually lie with fashion and cars.

And by wearables, he really means technology you can wear, over your body and not just over your wrist. Technology that will be woven into garments, so to speak. Many manufacturers have mostly focused on watches and bands, because they are the least disruptive in terms of novelty. But the likes of Intel have already cooked up ideas of using technology in clothes, even baby onesies.

Is this Apple's future? So far, the company hasn't shown any movement towards this goal. Even the Apple Watch is seen as somewhat of a revolution inside Cupertino, and one that is somewhat late to the party in fact. Newson seems to be quite optimistic, however, and Apple's connections with the fashion industry could help it take the lead. Newson teases, "There are some incredible things that are going to happen."

But will he be part of it all, at least in terms of design? Newson hopes that he can work in Apple "indefinitely", but at the moment, he's only there 60 percent of his time. He is, however, assigned to the company's special projects, which adds both weight and mystery to his statements.

VIA: The Mac Observer