Apple Card iPhone 13 upgrade problems today? You're not alone

One might assume that the safest way to secure an early-as-possible order of a brand new iPhone would be with Apple's own credit card. Unfortunate for some Apple Card users, the process was not as simple as expected. One common error found in the process was as follows: "There was a problem with the card details you entered. Please try another card."

This error appears to pop up in the Apple Store iOS app, while the Apple Store online delivers an "infinite loop" on the final order page. Similar issues have appeared with Apple Pay customers and the iPhone Upgrade Program. This may have something to do with the broad release time on release day – too many people ordering at once. Or it could be a very unfortunate set of happenstances – it's an awfully ironic situation when an Apple Card, Apple Pay, and iUP can't process a purchase for an iPhone.

Apple Pay showed the following message for some users: "Apple Pay Not Completed. 'Apple' was not able to complete the payment. Please try again." The iPhone Upgrade Program showed an odd "There's something you should know" error, which included the following: "Something went wrong while we were checking your eligibility. Please go back and try again."

While the card started to roll out in August of 2019, Apple might've known they'd face an uphill battle with the card well in advance of its launch. Apple Card's problems aren't just in the traditional places, they're in the transition between physical and digital. Any time someone has an issue with a Visa card, it's too insignificant for the internet to care about. When Apple has an issue with the Apple Card being unable to pay for an iPhone – that's newsworthy.

Stay tuned as we investigate further. We'll let you know if any statements are made or the issues are cleared up in time to continue to order an iPhone 13 on pre-release day with an Apple payment product or program.