Apple 27-inch iMac orders face three week delay

Apple have unexpectedly delayed shipments of new 27-inch iMac orders, extending the anticipated wait-time to three weeks.  Earlier this week, the company had been fulfilling new orders in under a week; similarly, the 21.5-inch iMac is shipping in just 24hrs.

There's currently no official explanation as to the unexpected delay, leaving many assuming that Apple's display issues are continuing to impact on the supply chain.  Almost from launch, iMac owners have been complaining about their machines arriving with cracked display panels, having color aberrations across the panel, or simply failing to turn on altogether.

According to Apple Insider, Apple resellers have been receiving bulk stock of the 27-inch iMac for around a week now, though this itself was delayed by around two weeks after users complained of flickering displays.  We reviewed the iMac back in October 2009.

[via Apple Insider]