Core i7 iMac DOA and cracked-screen woes reported

Apple's 27-inch iMac did the Cupertino company proud when we reviewed the Core 2 Duo model last month, but trouble is afoot with the freshly-shipping Core i7 models.  Various Apple support forum threads are suggesting that not only are some Core i7 iMacs turning up DOA and refusing to power on, others have hit desktops only for their eager buyers to discover the glass screen has cracked.

Neither of those is a particularly happy situation when you've just spent in excess of $2,000 on a high-end computer.  The cracked glass issue is being blamed on both shipping companies (whether those responsible for getting the iMacs to the Apple Stores, or direct to consumers for online orders) and insufficient packaging inside the box itself, and generally seems to be happening around the lower left-hand corner of the display.  Apple are replacing the iMacs, but deliveries don't seem to be expected to take place until early December.

As for the DOA issue, it's a similar frustration in terms of the delay in sourcing a new unit.  The Core i7 iMacs are built-to-order, and despite Apple customer support telling some owners that their replacement will be priotized over other customers, that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case.

[via Gizmodo]