App Submissions Begin for BlackBerry PlayBook Through BlackBerry App World

Chris Burns - Dec 7, 2010
App Submissions Begin for BlackBerry PlayBook Through BlackBerry App World

Remember waaay back a month ago when RIM announced a sup-$500 BlackBerry tablet by the name of PlayBook? Well now you can get your developer belt tightened and start submitting apps for it to BlackBerry App World through their vendor portal. Hooray! Terms and conditions below, including the fact that you’ll be submitting .BAR files instead of .COD files. Get pumped up and start pumping out!

The following will be required of all apps when submitting them to BlackBerry’s App World: Application name, Category, Application language, Description language, Description, Icon (480×480 .png image), Screenshots, License type, Price, BAR files, File bundle language, BAR file language, Devices supported, OS version supported, Selected countries, Restricted countries, Additional notes, and Application version.

Easy, right? Hang a left on over to the BlackBerry App World vendor portal, get the SDK, or check below for the full press release:

For more information on BlackBerry’s Playbook, take one look at a hands-on with RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie and take a peek at a head to head with iPad for speed tests.

We’re excited to announce that starting today, you can now submit your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet apps to the BlackBerry App World™ vendor portal!

As announced at the Adobe® MAX conference earlier this year, developers who create an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that is approved for distribution through BlackBerry App World prior to the tablet’s initial release are eligible for a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. This is subject to certain terms and conditions*.

We like to keep things simple here at BlackBerry App World HQ. How simple? Submitting a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app is the same as submitting an app for BlackBerry smartphones – only you’ll be submitting .BAR files instead of .COD files.

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll need when submitting an application:

Application name
Application language
Description language
Icon (480×480 .png image)
License type
BAR files
File bundle language
BAR file language
Devices supported
OS version supported
Selected countries
Restricted countries
Additional notes
Application version

The only thing different you’ll need to do when submitting your app for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is to ensure you select “PlayBook” as the device when uploading the file bundles. If you’re submitting a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet version of an existing BlackBerry smartphone app, you can just add a new release and file bundle for your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet version. If you’re submitting a brand new app, just submit like you would any new app.

*Now for the legalese…

The primary criterion for the free offer is to have an application accepted into BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet prior to the initial North American launch in early 2011. Even though developers are encouraged to submit multiple applications, a developer can only qualify for one free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Full terms and conditions of the offer can be found at:

[Via BlackBerry Developer]

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