RIM Releases BlackBerry PlayBook Simulators for Mac and PC, SDK Included

Evan Selleck - Oct 25, 2010, 12:43 pm CDT
RIM Releases BlackBerry PlayBook Simulators for Mac and PC, SDK Included

While Research In Motion’s first tablet device, the BlackBerry PlayBook may not be ready for the prime time quite yet, that’s not stopping the company from releasing the things developers will need to get a head start on creating new and interesting things for the tablet by the time it does launch, in early 2011. RIM has just announced the immediate availability for the Software Developer Kit (SDK), as well as simulators for the PlayBook. What’s better, though, is that RIM has released the tools necessary for developers not only on PCs, but also Macs.

RIM was busy today showing off the BlackBerry PlayBook today, at the Adobe AIR MAX event. And, considering the high focus of Adobe’s AIR for the PlayBook, there’s no surprise there. The kits will allow developers to build, run, and test their applications in the RIM-preferred Adobe AIR format. It will also provide a disk image that will be allowed to run in VMware, as well as other virtual machines. RIM’s focus is allowing developers plenty of time to get their applications ready to go before the launch of the PlayBook itself, as well as BlackBerry App World.

You can try your hand at developing for the QNX-based Operating System now. Just head through the source link below and give it a shot, if you’re someone who’s been waiting for a shot to develop something interesting for the BlackBerry lineage. And, since the tablet will have full support for 3D graphics, and should have plenty of power to play games, let’s hope the development community is ready to give BlackBerry a shot.

[via BlackBerry]

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