BlackBerry PlayBook First Hands-On with RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie and Sean Hollister

You may know Sean Hollister from his post over at Engadget, where he lets us know that although RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie was hesitant onstage today on the Web 2.0 Summit stage, he was ready and willing to share with the whole internet world once he was behind it. In a lovely hotel hallway, Balsillie gives Engadget a heft of this device, Hollister saying that the device is warm to the touch, solid yet plasticky, a responsive glass touchscreen front, and a rubberized no-slip back.

Balsillie tells Hollister that inside you'll end up finding 5300mAh lithium ion cells and glass, nothing but "battery and glass" inside this mama. Then Basillie takes back the device, showing off the QNX and the Air-based OS himself, showing off the photo gallery, a video that continues to run even upon pushing it back, and a spreadsheet – all of these running at the same time. Sounds completely rockin for under $500. Plus, take a look at it head-to-head with an iPad. Race!

[Via Engadget]