App Store, Google Play Again Differ On Revenue, Downloads

In just over one month, both Google and Apple will hold their respective annual conferences. At both events, the companies will make applause-inducing comments regarding the strength of their respective app portals. A new report is shedding some light on both, suggesting there are (still) issues with Google Play and revenue. While the iOS App Store moves at a steady pace, Google Play spiked when it came to downloads. Google Play also brought in almost half the revenue of the App Store, suggesting — once again — Android users just don't want to buy apps.

In the first quarter of 2015, Apple distanced the App Store from Google Play by 10% when it comes to generated revenue. Revenue is about 70% higher in the App Store than it is on Google Play.

Last year at this time, the App Store was only about 60% more profitable. App Annie says Apple's gain is due to strong performance in the United States and China. Apple's entry into China actually moved that country ahead of the US for total iOS downloads, but they still trail the US and Japan when it comes to revenue.

Conversely, Google Play had 70% more downloads than the iOS App Store. The upward trend was reportedly due to Android finding its way to newer markets like Turkey and Brazil.

As I've stated before, we all just need to start paying for good apps, plain and simple. Though you might willingly pay for apps, these macro numbers tell a different story. Developers follow the money, and if the money isn't flowing in Google Play, this trend — and app distribution — will continue as-is.

Via: The Wall Street Journal