Android ICS Nexus S update out today for employees only

It has begun for those of you working at Google today running a Nexus S, the update to the official Google-distributed Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 build that you've been waiting for all these ... days! Word is that the build sent out today to some (not all) Google employees is an early build of Ice Cream Sandwich, so there's certainly some kinks to work out, but this is no 3rd party street nightly build folks, Google sends out the good stuff right away. For those of you waiting at home, you can also get Ice Cream Sandwich right this moment if you wish, but you'll have to do some hacking to get it. Refer back to our post about the Rocket Launcher hidden in the system to see.

For those of you not understanding what all the fuss is about, Android 4.0 is the newest version of Google's mobile operating system and one that takes the whole platform to a new level of integration. Where for a while Android users have had two different OS lines, one for smartphones and one for tablets, here in Ice Cream Sandwich there is only one. It's basically like the highlander, and the Ice Cream Sandwich treat name has prevailed over all. What the tip sent in to Android Police today shows is that this operating system is being pushed out to more devices than just Google's hero device the Galaxy Nexus, and this is exciting!

We've got full reviews of not only the Galaxy Nexus, aka the hero device running this newest version of Android, but Ice Cream Sandwich as well, plus a review of the original Nexus S if you like too! What you really should do at this point is to pick up a Nexus S in your neighborhood over Craigslist for cheap then hack it and stack it up with this newest build that Cory at Android Community has running or just wait a few more days (or weeks, perhaps), to get it yourself from Google. Tasty!

[via Android Community]