ICS 4.0 hidden Android Dreams feature hands-on

Google is a place where even though their slogan may no longer have to do with the doing of no evil, they certainly do a lot of good AND have a lot of fun – case in point: a hidden feature in the newest version of their mobile operating system Ice Cream Sandwich by the name of Android Dreams. This feature is otherwise known as Rocket Launcher or "RocketLauncher" for those of you buzzing around the hacker circuit, and what we've got courtesy of our pal Cory from Android Community is a hands-on experience with this new way of looking at your apps. All you need is a bit of digging skills and you can see this rather spacey experience for yourself!

What you yourself will have to do to get this launcher going is one of several things. First, you could go to the Android Market and find one of several 3rd party apps that are popping up that allow you to activate the launcher at hand – search for RocketLauncher ICS if you dare. Otherwise you can follow Cory's lead and download Launcher Pro from the Android Market and add an activity to your homescreen. When you do this, scroll down to your Launcher list, tap it open, and choose Rocket Launcher. When you hit this newly created icon, it will freeze and break the first time around, but the second will work like a charm. Check it out here:

Notice that Cory is actually working with a Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich enabled via CyanogenMod 9, an early build of it installed after he rooted the device earlier this week. For those of you out there with a Galaxy Nexus, you'll have to do no such hack, you'll just need something like, again, Launcher Pro. The feature is already built in to your operating system, you've just got to find a way to wake it up! Fun!

[via Android Community]