Android Ice Cream Sandwich Pegged for October by manufacturer

It appears that the people behind the long-silent Notion Ink group have come back from the dead to note that they'd not only be adding Ice Cream Sandwich to their Android tablet "Adam", they'd be doing so in November, right after the launch date of the platform which is, they say, late October. Now it's not too much of a stretch to think that the author of this news release, Rohan Shravan, has just been reading Android blogs for the past few weeks and is just guessing that the rumors are true, but there is a point to consider: he's been right before. On the other hand, he's been terribly unreliable before as well.

In a news release showing up this weekend, Shravan notes the following: "Official ("update button") Ice Cream Sandwich update in November after Google's launch in late Oct". This follows the information we just this past week from Eric Schmidt himself as he noted either October or November as the launch window. Next, Shravan notes that he's pretty sure OMAP will be the chipset of choice for the next-generation Android system. Shravan says "if you go by the industry signals, OMAP is the preferred platform for the next wave of devices."

If you follow SlashGear, you also know that OMAP with Ice Cream Sandwich is a likely situation. While the last processor manufacturer for a hero device made in accordance with Google's strict specifications for their version platform launch was NVIDIA and their Tegra 2 SoC for Honeycomb, we're also banking on the idea that Texas Instruments and their OMAP4 chip will gain an audience with the Google gods.

That said, Shravan is also probably following along, as everyone else in the Android world is following along, with the leaks and spilled possibilities of the Nexus Prime coming quite soon if Samsung has anything to say about it, a hidden code and a legal team all that lies between us and, again, an October release of the Ice Cream Sandwich hero device.

[via Android Community]