Android Experiment app turns your phone into a 3D controller

The full collection of "best" Android Experiments for the 2016 season have been released by Google, and amongst them is this "3D Controller" for your smartphone. What you'll see here is your Android smartphone being converted into a controller not unlike what you might know as a Wii-mote, but without the need of a sensor at the top of your display. This control scheme will open the doors to great things in the Android universe.

In the experiment video you'll see here first, you'll see a smartphone being used to control the orientation of a chair shape on a connected screen. This is done with Chromecast and an Android smartphone (a Nexus 6P in this case). This orients the smartphone and makes way for a game.

This software works with a controller API, being used here to turn your device's built-in sensors into a 3D controller. A 3D model rotates on the screen as your smartphone rotates in regular space.

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Now imagine this sort of software turning your Android phone – or multiple phones – into controllers for your Virtual Reality headset. Easy peasy. It's only a few steps away from reality.

We wouldn't be surprised if Google revealed they'd been working on something similar for Android VR. Oh you don't know about Android VR (not Cardboard)? Have a peek at our Google I/O 2016 "what to expect" guide to find out the truth before it's revealed to the public – if that's what you want to believe – we trust in it all!

As it is with most of Google's Android Experiments, you'll be able to download the app to make this 3D Controller yours in the Google Play app store for free. Go for it right this minute if you do so dare. We're expecting an expansion to Android TV sooner than later!