Amazon Hiring Developers For Android Kindle Tablet?

Amazon's Android App Store is gearing up for a grand opening any day now. And to show that they're serious about taking up the Android market, they've even scored an exclusive deal to carry the wildly popular lineup of Angry Birds games. Could these developments along with recent plans to hire more Android developers, be a sign that Amazon may soon be pushing an Android-based Kindle?

This certainly wouldn't be out of the question, considering a recent analyst's report that a Kindle tablet would be the best competitor to the iPad. Amazon's Lab126 department is focused on designing hardware and software for the Kindle, and hence their recent job postings requiring Android experience has peaked people's imaginations on what could be ahead.

Competing e-reader, the NOOK Color from Barnes and Nobles already runs on Android with the possibility of being rooted and further customized. So it really wont be surprising if Amazon pursues a similar path for its Kindle, if not a path towards being more akin to the iPad.

CEO Jeff Bezos has denied that Amazon has interest to compete with the iPad, however, their recent buyouts and hirings illustrate a different picture. A recent buyout of TouchCo indicates that the company does have plans for a more tablet-like multi-touch display. And its commercials often poking fun at the iPad's glare certainly shows a desire to compete with the dominant slate.

[via Electronista]