Amazon's New Kindle Commercial Jabs At iPad Again

Amazon has just released a new Kindle commercial full of happy indie music, hip young folks in coffee shops, frolicking in parks, jaunting in the city, and all done in lots and lots of sunshine. Key to the commercial is the amount of sun people seem to be getting when they need to read a book. When there's sun, the Kindle beats the iPad as clearly shown in one scene of the commercial where a girl is lent a Kindle because her iPad has too much glare.

The Kindle commercial also accentuates the fact that their device can run up to a month on one battery charge and comes at you with a relatively affordable price point of $139. These advantages plus their overall feel-good message of "The Book Lives On" should appeal to the true book enthusiasts. And for those book lovers considering an iPad instead, Amazon warns you again in this commercial of the imminent glare.

You can't blame them though for really emphasizing glare as it may be the only thing it can still compete on. With all the new tablets coming on the market that can consume media and perform a whole slew of other tasks along with higher resolution displays for more comfortable viewing and reading, its less and less likely that consumers would choose to buy a separate device just for reading. It will be interesting to see what happens, should an anti-glare display ever be implemented on an iPad or other tablet device.

[via TechCrunch]