Amazon's new Echo Dot Kids Edition is already seeing deals

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Amazon may have only announced its Echo Dot Kids Edition last week, but the colorful smart speakers are already in line for some deals. To make a regular Echo Dot into the Kids Edition, Amazon clads it in a child-friendly skin and then throws in its new FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa service, for some age-appropriate content.

Usually, an Echo Dot would set you back $49.99, but the Echo Dot Kids Edition is $79.99 each. The difference is that you also get a year's subscription to FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa, that sturdier case, and a two year, "worry-free" guarantee. The latter, seen before on Amazon's Fire Kids Edition tablets, promises a free replacement no matter what damage your offspring may have caused.

However there's also a new deal if you fancy saving some money on the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Opt for the "variety pack" and Amazon will give you two of the smart speakers, for $129.98. That's $30 less than you'd normally spend to double-up.

Amazon has three variations of the variety pack: either a blue/green combo, a blue/red combo, or finally a red/green combo. Either way you get a year off FreeTime Unlimited that can be accessed on both speakers, which includes ad-free radio stations and playlists, along with more than 300 Audible books suitable for young people. There are also premium kids Alexa Skills.

In addition, there are parental controls that can be used to review what Alexa has been asked for, together with setting limits on when the virtual assistant will actually respond. You can remotely pause Alexa altogether, too. Parents can automatically filter out explicit songs from Amazon Music, as well.

With two Echo Dot Kids Edition set up, families will be able to use them as a makeshift intercom system. Amazon added that functionality earlier in the year: say "Alexa, announce that it's time for dinner," and all the other Echo speakers in the home will relay that message. Amazon has baked sound effects into the system, too. If you use Alexa Announcements to send a "wake up" message, for example, the speakers will make a rooster crow noise; if you say "we're late," it'll be the sound of running feet.

If you've already got an Echo smart speaker, Amazon says that FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa will be rolling out as an option from May 9. That's the same time that this Echo Dot Kids Edition variety pack will ship, too. After the first year of service, it'll be priced at $2.99 per month.

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