Alpha Motors Saga Estate Is A Brilliant Combination Of Form And Function

American EV maker Alpha Motors has a new addition to its growing lineup of retro-inspired electric vehicles. Based on the Saga four-door electric sedan that first debuted at last year's LA Auto Show, the new Saga Estate features a station wagon body available in both on and off-road configurations.

As expected, the Saga Estate is essentially a Saga sedan with an elongated rear and a rakish hatchback design. Measuring 191-inches long, 78-inches wide, and 57-inches tall, Saga Estate is about six inches long and three inches wider than the sedan. With its increased length, Saga Estate has a combined 35 cubic feet of cargo volume (including the "frunk" or front trunk), while the sedan only musters 20 cubic feet of storage room.

Under its lightweight, aluminum-alloy body panels are two electric motors, an 85 kWh battery pack, and a 450V electric architecture. As usual, Alpha remains mum on the performance numbers, but it did say the estate can rush from zero to 60 mph in 6.3-seconds. In addition, you can expect around 300+ miles of driving range. DC charging replenishes the batteries from zero to 80-percent in under an hour if it runs out of juice.

Moreover, Saga Estate features an off-road model with raised suspension, cylindrical reinforcements in the front and rear bumpers, and chunkier off-road tires wrapped in standard 17-inch wheels or optional 20-inch rollers. On the other hand, the street version has sporty performance tires and a host of aero-enhancing upgrades like a bespoke front air dam, a lower ride height, and a standard rear diffuser.

Inside, Saga Estate offers seating for five adults, a digital speedometer, a touchscreen infotainment display, a digital audio system, and haptic control for the audio and climate controls. It also has premium seat materials, Bluetooth connectivity, and a host of advanced driving aids like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, autonomous emergency braking, and forward collision warning, to name a few.

"Our unwavering commitment is rooted in a system that grants consumer accommodation and access to quality electric vehicles," said Alpha Motors. "We are constantly processing feedback to transform impression of need to the expression of supply."

Alpha Motors has yet to confirm when Saga Estate is entering production, nor did it mention pricing or MSRP. Still, we reckon base prices to start around $45,000, and the vehicle is available for early reservations like the rest of Alpha's EVs like the Saga sedan, Ace Coupe, Jax crossover, and the Wolf pickup truck.