Alexa app finally has a voice

Chris Burns - Jan 19, 2018, 12:25pm CST
Alexa app finally has a voice

An update for the Alexa app for Android was given an update this morning with support for Alexa voice interaction. This update brings Alexa voice interaction on all Androids, not just a few – all just as long as they have at least Android 4.4 or newer. That’s the basic requirement for the app itself – and was before this update, too.

This update brings user support for Alexa skills with voice as well as remote control for connected home devices. The app will bring the ability to ask questions of all sorts – right after the user taps the Alexa button. In the future we’ll expect ways to get to Alexa without having the app open – but for now, the app needs to be front and center to function or respond to voice commands.

This update brings on-screen responses for those questions people have for Alexa that require links or visual feedback. Calendar appointments and movie show times, sports updates, weather forecasts, and a whole bunch of other stuff can be accessed with the update as well. This update is the Alexa part of the Alexa app, the part of the Alexa app the app was built for.

It’s not a giant stretch to assume this app will have greater coverage over the Amazon collection of Android devices in the near future. For now they act pretty much the same way as the rest of the Android universe. The whole need to open the app before saying Alexa – that’ll probably be dealt with very soon. HTC and Huawei got in on this party early.

Users should be able to get this update for most Android devices immediately if not soon. This update can be found on the Amazon Appstore right now, and for non-Amazon Android devices on Google Play right now as well.

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