AirPods out for Christmas, other Apple products ship tomorrow

If you're still looking to buy some AirPods for your family member for Christmas, you might be out of luck. Shipping times for the Apple wireless AirPods earbuds have slipped past the holiday gift-giving timeframe, straight on into 2018. This does not necessarily mean there aren't any AirPods at your local Apple Store, but it does mean Apple doesn't have the stock to ship a pair within the next few days – or for New Years Eve, for that matter.

To drive the point home, Apple is offering "free next-day delivery on in-stock items ordered by 3PM on December 22." Assuming you don't live deep in the wilderness of Upper North Dakota, that is. You should know GOOD and well that there is no such thing as next-day-shipping up there, man. Come on!

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AirPods have been on the market for over a year at this point, but supplies seem to have been tight since the beginning. Just under a year ago we were already speaking about Tim Cook suggesting the accessories were "a runaway success" but that they were still quite difficult to find. Here in December of 2017, we're wondering how Apple and/or Apples manufacturer partners aren't able to keep up to speed with demand.

Apple also had a bit of trouble getting iPhone X supply up to demand for launch. Here in the last week before Christmas, Apple has enough iPhone X units to ship a 64GB off-carrier unit in 4 days or less. The 256GB edition delivers tomorrow. That's nuts.

If you're looking for an iMac Pro – for the full $13,926.98 with all the accessories and pre-installed software you could ever possibly want, you're safe. Apple is MORE than ready to send that beast to you real quick. The same goes for the most expensive iteration of basically every Apple product right this minute – go big, and Apple will get that bigness to you tout de suite!