Aereo calls for #ProtectMyAntenna protest

Chris Davies - Jul 1, 2014, 8:55am CDT
Aereo calls for #ProtectMyAntenna protest

Aereo may have faced a huge set-back in the US Supreme Court and been forced to shut down services over the weekend, but the TV-challenging upstart isn’t taking it lying down, turning to users to form a citizen campaign to try to rescue the technology. In a message to customers today, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia laid out the next stage of his plan to save cloud-based antennas, though it won’t be an easy journey.

According to Kanojia, reaction to Aereo’s message over the weekend notifying subscribers that their service would be temporarily “paused” met with a stronger reaction than the company expected.

Now, he’s calling on all of those users who asked what they could do to overturn the Supreme Court ruling from last week to step up and make themselves heard. “Tell your lawmakers how disappointed you are” he suggests, such as by telling stories about why Aereo-style technology makes a difference to them and their families.

There’s a new site, Protect My Antenna, which is being used as the base of operations, and from their the Aereo-faithful will be able to contact their representatives. Kanojia claims the right to use the antenna of the consumer’s choice should be protected when it comes to free-to-air broadcasts, whether it’s on the top of a house or cloud-based.

Nonetheless, it’s likely to be an uphill battle. The decision last week that Aereo was violating copyright law by re-broadcasting transmissions over the internet from its arrays of micro-antennas took many by surprise, and left the firm questioning its future as its entire business model is based on the technology.

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