Adorama Flashpoint 500C LED camera light Review

It's time to get extremely bright with the Flashpoint 500C LED Light from Adorama – so bright it'll make your photo session as visible as the sun. What this unit actually consists of is 500 individual Ultra Bright 5mm LED bulbs in a lamp with 4 barndoors, a 2-way switch , two color temperatures, and a 13-foot long power cord. This unit is both extremely light and super bright, especially for the cash you're going to lay down on it.

We used this array of LEDs in a single unit for several product shoots as of late, including (but not limited to) the Parrot Zikmu Solo speaker, Sony HX850 BRAVIA hdtv, and the Samsung UN75ES9000 HDTV (as seen above and below). This light is more than ready to be one of your key lights in any portrait or product shooting situation, without a doubt.

You'll be working with 50%-5900 K (Kelvin) Color Temp and 50%-3200 K (Kelvin) Color Temp and there's a two-way switch for when you only need 250 bulbs instead of all 500 at once. You've got AC V style battery pack or XLR connection for power and of course four lovely barndoors to pull the light in what ever direction you do so desire. The light itself is 35 cm X 19 cm X 7 cm / 14 X 7.5 X 2.75 inches in size and you've got the ability to work with an add-on Flashpoint battery V Lock mount Li-ion 162.8-watt battery if you do so desire. We just used the massively long cord straight to the wall, this coming in standard with the package.

You do need to purchase a stand separate if you don't have one handy, this costing around $40 from Adorama as well. The final cost of the light itself without the stand or the add-on battery is $199.95 USD, and for such a price you've got yourself a heck of a deal. Brighten up your life with so much light blasting from this beast that you'll never know how you lived, breathed, and shot without it!