30% Of Apple Fans Didn't Realize iPhones Had This Hidden Feature

Through several iOS upgrades, Apple has released numerous features for its beloved product, the iPhone. In a couple of days, we will witness Apple's September launch event, during which the company is expected to reveal new iPhones and the next generation of its operating system: iOS 16. With it, the Cupertino-based tech giant will bring a number of bells and whistles, but are iPhone users aware of the features currently hidden on their device?

Every now and then, you might come across a viral video on the internet that shows some secret iPhone feature in action. Earlier this year, a video of the iPhone and iPad copy-paste trick went viral on TikTok, which many users who did not know about. Similarly, there are a lot of hidden features that iPhone users overlook. SlashGear conducted a survey among Apple fans to find out more about these features, and the results were intriguing to say the least.

Some iPhone users did not know about Notification Summary and Safari Extensions

In the survey, we asked participants about hidden features on their iPhones. Out of the 592 respondents from the United States, 9.80% did not know they could disable app notifications through the Settings menu. Did you know that you can add extensions to the Safari web browser on your iPhone? If your answer is no, you're not alone. Our survey revealed that as many as 19.09% of participants did not know about Safari extensions. To add, you may open Safari Settings, tap Extensions, and select More Extensions to browse through those available.

Another lesser-known feature that iPhone users are not typically aware of is notification summary. Apple released the feature with iOS 15, allowing users to create a summary of the notifications on their phone and see them during a set time. While the feature created some buzz, 15.20% of survey participants didn't know about it. An additional hidden feature on an iPhone allows users to set time limits for their apps. It is called App Limits and is located in the Screen Time section in the Settings app. Surprisingly, 25.68% of the respondents weren't aware of this feature. To recall, Apple released App Limits with iOS 12 in 2018. 

Last but certainly not least, 30.24% of participants were not aware of a feature called Handoff. This allows users to switch from one Apple device to another quickly. On an iPhone or iPad, users can open Settings, General, AirPlay & Handoff, and enable it.