The Outrageous Bentley Mulliner Batur Promises Old Meets New In Supercar Exclusivity

The new Bentley Mulliner Batur gives a sneak peek into the company's EV future, but inside it's still the same iconic engine that's even more powerful than before. Coachbuilder Mulliner is responsible for coming up with many of Bentley's all-time greats. Among such bespoke automotive wonders is the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, which first made its debut in 2020. There's little that exudes as much luxury and exclusivity as the ultra-rare Bacalar, from its sheer interior craftsmanship to its bespoke panels and jaw-dropping price tag. For those who missed out on nabbing the only 12 Bacalars ever made, however, they might just get another chance at its successor.

Now, the Mulliner name has been in business as far back as the 18th century, coming up with numerous luxurious coach designs ever since (via Top Gear). Of course, the same can be said with Bentley Mulliner's latest creation, the Batur, which will be making its official unveiling at Monterey Car Week 2022 on August 20. In a press release, Bentley announced that the Mulliner Batur represents "an all-new design language." Its name is derived from an 88-meter deep volcanic crater lake in Indonesia. That said, the Bacalar's successor is just as deeply provocative as its namesake, and it's not just because of Bentley's promise of it being "infinitely customizable," either.

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Bentley claims the Batur's design "will shape the future" of its upcoming EV lineup scheduled to first arrive in 2025. However, the British automaker states that the Batur also serves as a confluence of Bentley's classic design cues "reinterpreted into new, cleaner forms." Complementing this contrasting blend of iconic-meets-cutting-edge is the return of Bentley's W12 engine, which could likely be its last too. The Bacalar's W12 engine was considered the most sophisticated of its kind. The Batur's, on the other hand, is said to produce "more power and torque than ever before," and it will be paired with Bentley's "most advanced chassis system ever."

Bentley promises buyers can customize the finish of "every surface and component" of the car, including options ranging from sustainable materials to 3D-printed 18K gold. Since the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar's starting price is around $2 million, expect to spare at least a couple million dollars for its successor. Considering there are "practically limitless ways" Bentley can create a truly bespoke Batur for its buyers, it's probably worth even more. For those who can afford a brand that easily adds over $100,000 worth in additional options on top of its already high sticker price, that sounds about right.