The Size Of This Unique Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Replica Isn't The Strangest Thing

Italian automaker Ferrari and The Little Car Company debuted the Testa Rossa J in August 2021. More than just a toy, the Testa Rossa J is a ¾-scale model of Ferrari's most successful racing car, which won ten World Sports Car Championships in the late 1950s and early '60s. The full-scale Testa Rossa racing car took home the checkered flag at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1958, 1960, and 1961, and it left its competition in the dust during the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1949, 1958, and 1961.

Moreover, it goes down in history as one of the most expensive vintage cars sold at auction. In 2011, Gooding & Company made history by auctioning a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Prototype for a whopping $16.39 million. If you think that's rich, an unrestored Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa in an "as-raced" condition sold for an astronomical $39.8 million.

So you see, the pint-sized Testa Rossa J (J is presumably for Junior) is a precious little thing, and it only costs around €93,000 (about $95,000). It's not small money for a tiny electric car, but it's the closest you (or your kid) can get to the real thing. However, Ferrari and The Little Car Company have debuted a one-off Testa Rossa J, and its junior size and electric powertrain aren't the only things that make it special.

Ferrari Testa Rossa J Pebble Beach Edition: Homage to greatness

The Ferrari Testa Rossa J Pebble Beach Edition pays tribute to Lucybelle II, a 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa racing car driven by American Ed Hugus and Ray "Ernie" Erickson in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Wearing the legendary 22 racing number, the Pebble Beach Edition is also the only Testa Rossa J to wear the vintage racer's legendary Bianco Cervino with blue stripes livery. The attention to detail is unmatched as the car also has period-correct racing lights, a painted "Lucybelle II" logo on one side, and a painted Stars and Stripes flag on the other (per Acrofan).

But it's not just about how it looks. It also features the original steering and suspension geometry of its race-bred forefathers. Even the 12-inch wire wheels replicate the original Borrani alloy rollers of the racing car, with each wheel featuring genuine Pirelli Cinturato tires. Inside, the vehicle has vintage-matching seats with red leather (and white piping) sourced from the tanneries that supply upholstery for Ferrari's road cars.

It also has the world's most miniature quick-release Nardi steering wheel (a scaled copy of the original), classic instrument dials, and a Manettino switch on the dash lifted from the Ferrari 812 Superfast. The controller is for the car's four available driving modes: Novice, Comfort, Sport, and Race mode.

Electric power

The Ferrari Testa Rossa J Pebble Beach Edition has a single electric motor and three battery packs at the front of the car. In Novice mode, the powertrain unleashes 1.34 horsepower and a 15 mph top speed. Comfort mode offers 5.36 horsepower and a top speed of 25 mph, while Sport mode is suitable for 13.4 horsepower and 50 mph. Finally, Race mode has the same 50 mph top speed, but the motor pushes out a healthy 16 horsepower. The batteries have enough punch to deliver 56 miles of range.

Helping it stay on track are Bilstein coilovers with custom coil springs that were fine-tuned by Ferrari test drivers in Maranello. "This beautiful Testa Rossa J is a perfect example of the phenomenal detail and handcraftsmanship our team devotes into manufacturing these stunning cars," said Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company. The junior classic car builder also makes the Bugatti Baby II and Aston Martin DB5 Junior, to mention a couple.

The Little Car Company only built one example of the Ferrari Testa Rossa J Pebble Beach Edition, and you have a chance of taking it home if you participate in the 2022 Silver Anniversary Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction. The bidding starts on August 19, 2022, with no reserve (per 3D Car Shows). The Little Car Company will donate all proceeds to the Pebble Beach Company Foundation. Happy bidding!