These iPad 2022 Renders Add Frustration To Our Biggest Question

Following the recent launch of the 2022 iPad Air, many are expecting that the base iPad will also get an upgrade soon. Amid that anticipation, alleged CAD renders of the tablet have emerged, revealing a fair bit of information about the device based on details sent to case manufacturers. Unfortunately, one crucial question still remains unanswered.

We've heard many rumors related to the upcoming model over the past several weeks. In June 2022, for example, claims surfaced that the 10th-generation iPad will get the A14 chip and will deliver 5G access, plus leakers claim the upcoming model will finally switch out the Lightning port for USB-C. Assuming Apple follows its past trend, we're not far off from hearing an official announcement about the 2022 iPad.

For the time being, all we have is speculation, and it's greatly fueled by new CAD renders shared by MySmartPrice. The publication claims to have received the renders from an Apple iPad case maker, and although it doesn't reveal the source beyond that, it delivers the images that give us a bit of a glimpse into the future of the iPad.

The new iPad may serve up a larger display

The images reveal something very close in looks to the current-gen iPad, which seems to contradict some past rumors that alleged a big redesign. The leaked tablet render shows the iPad's signature look with the soft corners and typical Apple design. The bezels are thick and the front camera sits at the top of the screen, plus there's a Touch ID sensor at the bottom. That's pretty much it for the front of the device, but there are more details to be found on the other sides.

The back of the 10th-generation iPad render features a single camera, which is not unexpected for an entry-level device. There seems to be a visible upgrade over the current-gen iteration of the tablet in the form of an LED flash and a camera island. We're also seeing what looks like a quad-speaker setup with outputs on both the bottom and the top of the tablet. There's also a power button nestled on the top, and you'll note the volume adjustment buttons on the side. The display is supposed to be larger than that of the current iPad, with measurements expected to be approximately 9.7 x 7 x 0.27 inches.

While all of this sounds quite juicy, it's hard not to be disappointed at the lack of information about the charging port. This has been the subject of much speculation — will Apple stick with the Lighting port or will it move on to the (much more universal) USB-C as claimed in a leak earlier this summer? Many are hoping for the latter, but we won't know for sure until Apple sheds some light on this with the official launch.