The New BMW 3.0 CSL Could Be The Most Expensive BMW Ever

With the 50th anniversary of the M GmbH marque taking place been a busy year at BMW. The German car manufacturer has already announced the BMW iX M60, a new 3 Series, a touring version of the BMW M3, and a limited 1000 unit run of the new M4 CSL. Beamer fans will be pleased to know it's not over yet. The head of BMW's M department, Frank van Meel, took to Instagram to give everyone a first glimpse of what appears to be the long-awaited BMW 3.0 CSL Coachbuilt. Details are scarce, but the bodywork speaks for itself and there is some suggestion of a performance boost over the already powerful M4 CSL road racer — and a savings-account-obliterating price tag to match.

The first CSL sprung up in 1972 as part of BMW's E9 series. It was created to help BMW gain entry into the European Touring Car Championship, and gain entry they did. The men behind the wheel of the CSL went on to win the European Touring Car Championship's driver's title in the 1970s. The car itself won three rounds at the 1976 World Championship.

The Coachbuilt might come at a premium

Drivers could find themselves behind the wheel of a BMW 3.0 CSL Coachbuilt before the year is out. According to BMW Blog, the vehicle itself is a tweaked version of the M4 CSL, with a six-speed manual transmission instead of an eight-speed automatic. The Coachbuilt's 3-liter straight-six also manages to find an extra 50 horsepower, taking it up to 600. On the outside, the Coachbuilt body stands out. It's very loud, depicts a variety of colorful racing BMWs, and may make you feel like you're driving around in a 600-horsepower Hawaiian shirt. The car's kidney grille has also received a bit of a tweak, drawing comparisons with the original 1972 3.0 CSL.

If you're reading this and thinking a CSL Coachbuilt is exactly what you need to round off your car collection, buckle up. They probably aren't going to be cheap. In fact, with a possible price tag of €750,000, or $789,000, it could well be the most expensive BMW ever released. To make things even more difficult, the BMW 3.0 CSL Coachbuilt's production is apparently limited to 50 cars, none of which will be available for sale in the United States. So if you're a multi-millionaire living in the land of freedom and are desperate to get your hands on a CSL Coachbuilt, don't forget to tack on a wedge of extra cash for import fees.