The 5 Big Changes On The New Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica

Lamborghini didn't want to go into its bright all-electric future without releasing the latest version of its most sold and popular Huracán line. On April 22, 2022, Autobuzz reported that Lamborghini hit a new milestone with its 20,000th Huracán vehicle rolling from the production line. The Huracán family powered by a V-10 engine is now in its eighth year of production. The lineup includes 12 street-legal vehicles and three racing cars. In late 2020, Lamborghini reported that Americans are strengthening their connection with the brand, as the region saw a 25% increase in sales and 2,407 units delivered.

In mid-2021, the brand owned by Volkswagen announced it had a new roadmap for electrification. Top-selling vehicles like the Urus SUV, Huracán, and Aventador are expected to be released in hybrid versions in 2023. With 1.5 billion euros in investment for the next four years, Lamborghini says it will electrify the entire range by 2024.

In 2017, the company released a concept for the future of electric sports cars called the Terzo Millennio. It is still unclear how many ideas presented with the concept will be applied. The Terzo Millenio envisioned electric cars powered by superconductors embedded in the vehicle's material rather than common EV batteries and an innovative technology that generates torque directly at the wheels. But until the EV Lamborghini models come out, the Huracán Tecnica will continue to dominate the talk.

Speed, specs, and design: Huracán Tecnica vs Huracán STO

The new 2022 Huracán Tecnica has five main differentiators from its predecessor, the Huracán STO: speed, track vs. street design, exterior, interior, and agility. The Huracán Tecnica has a top speed of 201.9 miles per hour, faster than the STO's 192.6 miles per hour. The difference may be minimal to some, but considering that the new Huracán is designed as a streetcar and not as a racing car, the difference is impressive.

While the Huracán STO was designed from top to bottom to look and feel like a track racing car, the Tecnica focuses on street driving. The Tecnica is faster because it has the same 631 horsepower 5.2-liter V-10 engine joined by a more aggressive, sharpened aerodynamic design that cuts down on drag and resistance.

Interestingly, the Tecnica pays tribute to the Terzo Millennio EV concept with its front design lines and drops the big iconic rear wing found on the STO. That element is replaced by a smaller rear wing, which still helps the car increase downforce. The rear also ends with a vertical screen that drops smoothly. The next big difference is the interior. The STO features an all-black minimalistic sports interior, while the new Tecnica's interior is much brighter and has a new trim for the sports seats and doors. The Tecnica is heavier, and it adds 0.2 seconds to the STO's 0-60 mph three-second acceleration speed. The model likewise sports an improved brake cooling system and dynamic control system that makes it more agile and stable on the go.